Blog 1: Fnu Parshant’s Story

Fnu Parshant
2 min readJun 19, 2021


Hi everyone,

This is Fnu Parshant. I am from India, and I came to the USA in 2016 and have lived in NYC since then. To kickstart my education in the USA, I decided to enroll in a high school equivalency diploma. I got my high school diploma within two months, and after that, I straightaway applied to a CUNY college and got accepted. First, I completed an Associate in Science in Computer Science, and then I transferred to a bachelor’s in arts in Mathematics. I always wanted to be in the tech field, and as a college student, I aimed to either become a Data-Scientist or a Software-Engineer. Luckily at the end of my BA degree, I figured out that I will be a better Data-Scientist than a Software-Engineer.

During the third year of my degree, I was very eager to do an internship. Then came COVID- 19; everything stopped. All the colleges and workplaces (except essential workers) moved to a remote environment, and chances of doing an internship moved to zero. I tried very hard to get an internship in the tech field, but due to COVID restrictions, the opportunities were significantly less. I could not take the machine learning class at my college as it was not on the degree requirement list, plus I wanted to complete my degree on time (i.e., in 4 years). So, after graduation, I did not feel that I am 100% job-ready. I felt that I am missing something, then one of my friends told me about General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive (DSI) course. I searched General Assembly on Google, and I was completely shocked to know that there are courses around the globe that teach you for about 12 to 18 weeks and make you ready for the job. Bootcamps like General Assembly only teach you those skills required for a particular job; They will not teach you history, essay writing, or psychology, which are irrelevant to a particular job. General Assembly is one of the top data science boot camps in the United States, and I also checked their curriculum and saw that they cover all the skills required to be a data scientist, so all these things led me to General Assembly.

I chose to study data because I feel that all the decisions a company makes are based on data; Data is the driving force for a company. So, data-collection and data-analyzing become extremely important to run a business/company successfully. With a set of clean and accurate data, we can find their problems and find their solutions too. With data, we are not assuming, we are calculating; And with these calculations, we can create a trendline and can predict the future. Data also helps to keep track of everything and set future goals. With the help of the General Assembly’s DSI course, I am eager to learn Git, Python, Probability and Statistics, object-Oriented-Programming (OOP), SQL, Machine Learning, and many other skills which I can apply on the job once I am hired as a data scientist.

-Fnu Parshant